At Clockwork Origins we only develop games we love to play ourselves. Due to our long time as Gothic modification developers we have much experience even with large scale projects and different genres, that we now put into the development of our own games.

Elemental War is a 3D tower defense game made with Unity. It provides 7 scenarios, several maps, around 50 items and monster abilities and 3 different game modes. The heart of the game modes is the Hero Mode which offers roguelike gameplay with randomly generated maps, waves and items that can be unlocked through quests. Besides that it contains a multiplayer, co-op and a map editor to keep you busy. Elemental War was originally released as a Gothic 2 modification in summer 2010, but the new version provides much more content and quality than was ever possible as a modification.

It is available on Steam, and Kartridge since July 19th, 2019 for Linux, OS x and Windows.


Red Skies: Ascension is a post-apocalyptic RPG with turn-based combat system. With customizable robots you will fight against other robots and mutants while following a gripping story with realistic characters in this post-apocalyptic scenario. Your only goal is to leave earth on a self-built airship.

Red Skies: Ascension is set to be released in 2022 on PC (Windows and Linux), Xbox and PlayStation.


Tri6 is an arcade arena racer focussing on fast multiplayer action. First started as a university project as a demo for the own i6engine it now runs on Unity engine. It will provide local and online multiplayer and also a splitscreen mode for up to four players. In Tri6 you steer a Tron like vehicle creating a wall behind it and several active and passive powerups to use to beat your enemies.

There is no release date planned yet. Targeted platforms are Linux, Windows, Xbox and PlayStation. Nintendo Switch is also possible.

Tri6: Infinite is a fast paced endless racer in the Tri6 cyberspace. Avoid the obstacles as long as possible with your driving skills and different powerups to beat the top scores. With electrons you collect while playing you can unlock new vehicles and powerups for new challenges.

Tri6: Infinite will be released on July 17th 2020 and will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. An iOS version is possible as well, but depends on the overall sales as releasing on Apple devices is more expensive than all other plattforms. Console versions are planned as well if we get approved.


Recent News

Progress Report June 2020 June 1, 2020 -
Elemental War performance optimizations, Red Skies: Ascension demo progress, Spine getting support for games besides Gothic and Tri6: Infinite demo close to release!
Progress Report May 2020 May 2, 2020 -
Corona is still going on and so is our work. Performance improvements in Elemental War, demo for Tri6: Infinite coming soon, a Spine update and progress on Red Skies: Ascension - this and more now in the progress report!
Progress Report April 2020 April 3, 2020 -
First quarter of 2020 is over and despite the whole COVID-19 crisis we made good progress with a clear roadmap for the Elemental War performance improvements and Tri6: Infinite beta start!
Elemental War 1.6.0 April 3, 2020 -
This month's maintenance update Elemental War 1.6.0 improves performance a little, fixes a bug and added a feature request.
Elemental War 1.6.0 delayed March 27, 2020 -
Just a small heads-up! This week's Elemental War update is delayed by one or two weeks.