Votes: 105

More modifications with achievements

Due to the patch possibilities provided by Ninja we are able now to inject achievements to mods without touching the mods theirselves and so could more or less easily add new achievements for them (ignoring the fact that someone has to have nice ideas and they have to be integrated).

Votes: 166

Support for Gothic 3 modifications

Integrating Gothic 3 mod support is more complicated than for Gothic 1 and 2 and we don't have the knowledge on how to achieve it, but we could get that working in the future.

Votes: 145

Support for Gothic 3 latest community patch

The current Gothic 3 integration in Spine only allows to start Gothic 3 via Spine, but doesn't patch to the latest community patch automatically like it does with Gothic 1 & 2.

Votes: 23

Native Linux support

The current version of Spine might work via Wine on Linux, but we don't have native support for Linux as of now. While Spine itself already compiles for Linux, some features had to be disabled to do so as it uses quite a lot of native Windows features. So a proper Linux port will require a certain effort to port all this functionality and change some existing code to also work on Linux (case sensitivity of paths).

Votes: 17

Savegame sharing

People could upload their savegames for each project with a description and maybe screenshot and others can download that savegame to not have to start the game from scratch.

Votes: 37

Show required disk space

Currently the database only shows the download size (compressed files), but not the size of the uncompressed files on the disk. We could extend the system to also show the uncompressed size.

Votes: 47

Patch Presets/Collections

We often hear people use e.g. Merlin's guide to patch Gothic to a modern look. The idea for this feature would be to allow the community to create collections of patches themselves (e.g. D3D11 renderer + some graphics patch + maybe some gameplay patches), give this collection a name and publish it on Spine. Other players then can use this collection with a click and all contained patches are automatically applied.

Votes: 39

Info Page Descriptions

At the moment still a lot of info pages don't have any contents. This is an issue as we never really have the time to do that as there is more important work on Spine itself. Now you can vote for it to increase the priority so we know better if we should finally do that instead of something else.

Votes: 145

Better UI

As we already announced we are preparing a UI overhaul at the moment. But is that something you are interested in at all or is it something we only think that will be nice?

Votes: 24

Spine in browser

During the UI overhaul the online functionality of Spine will move to web pages. We could then set up a proper interface and make these functionalities also available in the browser so you can check it out even when not at home.

Votes: 43

Global challenges

The idea is to provide global challenges for the community to participate in. These challenges can be for a specific project or across multiple projects. Stuff like "complete x quests", "kill x Scavengers" or "collect x turnips" could be across multiple mods, so it wouldn't matter which modifications you play, they always count, while others like "Beat all players in a Schagby match" could be tied to Xeres' Return. Each challenge would run for a specific time and get a leaderboard. The winners would get a boost for the Spine level or some badge (in case we add some badges).

Votes: 39

Ingame overlay

A proper overlay like Steam uses to show achievements and other stuff in the future to make them look better for different resolutions.

You can submit own feature ideas or discuss the existing ones in the feedback channel of our Discord server.

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