i6engine  1.0

All CMake variables

Variable Default Description
ISIXE_WITH_LOGGING OFF Enables building with logging, requires boost_log
ISIXE_WITH_NETWORK OFF Enables build of the network subsystem using m2etis
ISIXE_WITH_PROFILING OFF Enables building with profiling, requires gperftools
ISIXE_WITH_TESTING OFF Enables building with tests, requires gtest
ISIXE_WITH_AUDIO ON Enables build of the audio subsystem using OpenALSoft
ISIXE_WITH_EDITOR ON Enables build of the level editor
ISIXE_WITH_SAMPLES ON Enables build of sample appilcations
ISIXE_WITH_TOOLS ON Enables build of tools
ISIXE_WITH_RPG ON Enables build of RPG module and, if ISIXE_WITH_SAMPLES is ON, also with RPG sample
ISIXE_WITH_DOCU ON Enables docu target bulding doxygen docu, requires doxygen
ISIXE_WITH_TUTORIALS ON Enables build of tutorials, requires pdflatex
ISIXE_WITH_SCRIPTING python Enables build of the scripting subsystem, parameters are "python", "lua" or "" (for no scripting)
ISIXE_DEP_DIR ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/dependencies Allows setting of dependencies directory for engine deps (like boost, bullet etc.)