i6engine  1.0

Various tools are stored under utils, that did't really fit in anywhere else.


i6engine::utils::exceptions::i6exception Base type for custom exceptions

i6engine::utils::exceptions::ExceptionQueue Queues and dequeues exceptions

i6engine::utils::math::i6eQuaternion Implements 3-d rotations

i6engine::utils::math::i6eVector4 Implements 4-dimensional vectors, similar to i6engine::utils::math::i6eQuaternion

i6engine::utils::math::i6eVector Implements 3-dimensional vectors

Logger Logs to console or file, uses different LogLevels

i6engine::utils::math::Maths Miscellaneous mathmatical operations. Right now only calulates Euclidian Distance

NonCopyable Used for objects, that should not be copyable.

i6engine::utils::Singleton< T > Used for objects, that should only have one instance max.

Splash Displays JPEGs as splash screen.

TickCounter Counter, used for calculating FPS