i6engine  1.0
i6e::modules::GUIPrint Class Reference

#include <D:/Projekte/i6engine/libs/i6engine-modules/include/i6engine/modules/gui/guiwidgets/GUIPrint.h>

Public Member Functions

 GUIPrint (const std::string &name, const std::string &type)
 Constructor for a new GUI Print. More...
 ~GUIPrint ()
 destructor More...
void update (uint16_t type, api::gui::GUIUpdateMessageStruct *message) override
 Method called by incoming messages. More...
void tick () override
 Method to be called at every Tick. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from i6e::api::GUIWidget
 GUIWidget (const std::string &name)
virtual ~GUIWidget ()
void loadWindowLayout (const std::string &name, const std::string &filename)
 loads a Layout from a .layout file and stores it in _window More...
void enableTicking (bool enabled)
 Registers this widget to be ticked. More...
void subscribeClickEvent (const boost::function< void(void)> &callback)
 Subscribes to a window event. This function can be used to handle event-subscription-messages. More...
bool canDrop () const
 returns whether the widget accepts drops or not More...
std::vector< GUIWidget * > getAllMouseoverWidgets () const
 returns a vector containing all windows the mousecursor is currently over More...
void setMouseOverCallback (const std::function< std::vector< GUIWidget * >(void)> &func)
 sets mouse over callback More...
void setPosition (double x, double y)
 sets position of this widget More...
void setSize (double w, double h)
 sets size of this widget More...
bool isHit () const
bool renderingEndedHandler (const CEGUI::EventArgs &args)
 handler to copy rendered data to a memory buffer More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from i6e::api::GUIWidget
std::string _name
CEGUI::Window * _window
std::vector< GUIWidget * > _childs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file GUIPrint.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

i6e::modules::GUIPrint::GUIPrint ( const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  type 

Constructor for a new GUI Print.

nameName of the new Object.
typeType of the new Object.
i6e::modules::GUIPrint::~GUIPrint ( )


Member Function Documentation

void i6e::modules::GUIPrint::tick ( )

Method to be called at every Tick.

Reimplemented from i6e::api::GUIWidget.

void i6e::modules::GUIPrint::update ( uint16_t  type,
api::gui::GUIUpdateMessageStruct message 

Method called by incoming messages.

typeWho should receive the Message.
messageMessage struct.

Reimplemented from i6e::api::GUIWidget.

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