i6engine  1.0
i6e::modules::MovableText Class Reference

#include <D:/Projekte/i6engine/libs/i6engine-modules/include/i6engine/modules/graphics/graphicswidgets/MovableText.h>

Public Types

enum  HorizontalAlignment { H_LEFT, H_CENTER }
enum  VerticalAlignment { V_BELOW, V_ABOVE, V_CENTER }

Public Member Functions

 MovableText (const Ogre::String &name, const Ogre::String &caption, const Ogre::String &fontName, Ogre::Real charHeight, const Ogre::ColourValue &color)
 ~MovableText ()
void visitRenderables (Ogre::Renderable::Visitor *visitor, bool debugRenderables=false)
void setFontName (const Ogre::String &fontName)
void setCaption (const Ogre::String &caption)
void setColor (const Ogre::ColourValue &color)
void setCharacterHeight (Ogre::Real height)
void setSpaceWidth (Ogre::Real width)
void setTextAlignment (const HorizontalAlignment &horizontalAlignment, const VerticalAlignment &verticalAlignment)
void setGlobalTranslation (Ogre::Vector3 trans)
void setLocalTranslation (Ogre::Vector3 trans)
void showOnTop (bool show=true)
const Ogre::String & getFontName () const
const Ogre::String & getCaption () const
const Ogre::ColourValue & getColor () const
Ogre::Real getCharacterHeight () const
Ogre::Real getSpaceWidth () const
Ogre::Vector3 getGlobalTranslation () const
Ogre::Vector3 getLocalTranslation () const
bool getShowOnTop () const
Ogre::AxisAlignedBox GetAABB ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file MovableText.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

i6e::modules::MovableText::MovableText ( const Ogre::String &  name,
const Ogre::String &  caption,
const Ogre::String &  fontName,
Ogre::Real  charHeight,
const Ogre::ColourValue &  color 
i6e::modules::MovableText::~MovableText ( )

Member Function Documentation

Ogre::AxisAlignedBox i6e::modules::MovableText::GetAABB ( )

Definition at line 97 of file MovableText.h.

const Ogre::String& i6e::modules::MovableText::getCaption ( ) const

Definition at line 69 of file MovableText.h.

Ogre::Real i6e::modules::MovableText::getCharacterHeight ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file MovableText.h.

const Ogre::ColourValue& i6e::modules::MovableText::getColor ( ) const

Definition at line 73 of file MovableText.h.

const Ogre::String& i6e::modules::MovableText::getFontName ( ) const

Definition at line 65 of file MovableText.h.

Ogre::Vector3 i6e::modules::MovableText::getGlobalTranslation ( ) const

Definition at line 85 of file MovableText.h.

Ogre::Vector3 i6e::modules::MovableText::getLocalTranslation ( ) const

Definition at line 89 of file MovableText.h.

bool i6e::modules::MovableText::getShowOnTop ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file MovableText.h.

Ogre::Real i6e::modules::MovableText::getSpaceWidth ( ) const

Definition at line 81 of file MovableText.h.

void i6e::modules::MovableText::setCaption ( const Ogre::String &  caption)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::setCharacterHeight ( Ogre::Real  height)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::setColor ( const Ogre::ColourValue &  color)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::setFontName ( const Ogre::String &  fontName)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::setGlobalTranslation ( Ogre::Vector3  trans)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::setLocalTranslation ( Ogre::Vector3  trans)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::setSpaceWidth ( Ogre::Real  width)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::setTextAlignment ( const HorizontalAlignment horizontalAlignment,
const VerticalAlignment verticalAlignment 
void i6e::modules::MovableText::showOnTop ( bool  show = true)
void i6e::modules::MovableText::visitRenderables ( Ogre::Renderable::Visitor *  visitor,
bool  debugRenderables = false 

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