i6engine  1.0
MeshAppearanceComponent.h File Reference

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class  i6e::api::MeshAppearanceComponent
 Tells the engine what model/mesh to use when rendering the GameObject. For creating a MeshAppearanceComponent, these keys are possible:

Name Required Type Description Public
mesh yes std::string mesh file yes
visibility no bool is this mesh visible or not, default is true yes
pos yes Vec3 relative position to SceneNode yes
rot yes Vec3 relative rotation to SceneNode yes
scale yes Vec3 relative scale to SceneNode yes
material no std::string optional change of the material on the mesh yes
shadowCasting no bool defines whether a mesh casts shadows or not, default is true yes




typedef i6e::math::i6eVector4 Vec4
typedef std::pair< Vec3, Quaternioni6e::api::Transform