i6engine  1.0
SoundComponent.h File Reference

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class  i6e::api::SoundComponent
 Attaches a sound node to an object. The Sound will follow the object For creating a SoundComponent, these keys are possible:

Name Required Type Description Public
offset yes Vec3 offset to the position of the PhysicalStateComponent this Component is connected to yes
direction yes Vec3 direction of the sound yes
file yes std::string sound file for this sound, currently only wav is supported yes
looping yes bool is this sound looping or only played once yes
maxDist yes double maxmimum distance this sound should be hearable, volume is interpolated yes
cache yes bool if set to true, this sound is cached in memory and mustn't be loaded from harddisk every time it is played yes
category no std::string specifies the category this sound belongs to, e.g. music, effect, dialog, default value is empty string yes