Due to our experience in porting and publishing Unity games to consoles and being licensed developers for Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4 & 5, we decided to help other small teams to bring their games on consoles as well.

What you get

  • Visibility on consoles you wouldn’t have access to otherwise
  • No effort for you for the port and maintenance on the target platform
  • Fair revenue split and no direct costs for you
  • Monthly transparent billing
  • We won’t do any changes to your games without approval
  • You keep all rights on your game. All we need is the right to use your marketing material (like screenshots, description texts, capsules, trailer) and to publish the game. The marketing material will be used on the platform we port to as well as on our homepage and other marketing channels (like YouTube, Twitter)

What we offer

  • Experience in porting and publishing Unity games on all consoles (PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch)
  • Licensed developer for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

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