This page lists our biggest milestones. Starting with the foundation of the Gothic 2 modification team called Teutonic Team to work on Xeres’ Return, one of the best Gothic modifications, over several smaller modifications of different complexity and genre until the time we officially found Clockwork Origins, you can see everything that we think is worth to be mentioned. New milestones will be added as soon as we reach them.

On September 28th 2023 we released our fourth game, CyberTD, a new spin on the tower defense genre, on Steam, Epic Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch!

CyberTD is a single-tower tower defense with roguelite and deckbuilding mechanics settled in our unique cyberspace setting.

For more information about CyberTD, check out the homepage: https://cyber-td.com

On May 6th 2022 we released our third game, Elemental War 2, the sequel to Elemental War from 2019, on Steam and Humble Store for Windows, Linux and Mac as well as for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadia!

Elemental War 2 is the next iteration of our element based tower defense franchise with plenty of items and quests, handcrafted maps and cross-platform coop mode.

For more informations about Elemental War 2, check out the homepage: https://elemental-war.com/elemental-war-2


Today was a great day for us. Our new game in the Tri6 franchise, Tri6: Arena, got co-funding by FFF Bavaria to develop a concept for it. That allows us to do a lot more than for our previous games.


At this years GermanDevDays Indie Award we got nominated twice, for best audio in Tri6: Infinite and as best developer. Even though we didn’t win any of them it is great that we got nominated and next time we will win!


On July 17th 2020 we released our second game, Tri6: Infinite on Steam, itch.io and Kartridge for Windows, Linux and Mac. Console versions will follow later that year.

Tri6: Infinite is a fast paces endless racer in a cyberspace setting with randomly distributed obstacles, different opponents, powerups and a splitscreen mode for up to four players.

If you want to read more about Tri6: Infinite check out https://tri6game.com.


As part of the Steam Game Festival the demo for Tri6: Infinite has been released. The demo is a limited version of the complete game and has also been released on itch.io and our own launcher Spine later that week.

The demo is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

If you want to learn more about Tri6: Infinite, check out https://tri6game.com.


Elemenental War was in Early Access for nine months and is finally leaving it. During Early Access we added an alliance system, a map editor and multiplayer to the game. We put a lot of effort in getting it to the point where we have a good feeling when releasing it. Read more about our way to the release in our blog post.

Elemental War is for sale at Steam, Kartridge and itch.io.

If you want to read more about Elemental War, check out https://elemental-war.com.


Elemental War is our 3D tower defense made with the Unity engine. It was released as a Gothic II modification in 2010, but got so many improvements in the standalone version including a new game mode, that contains RPG and roguelite elements. Elemental War offers all in all three game modes, several maps and environments, quests, items and more.

Elemental War is for sale at Steam and itch.io.

If you want to read more about Elemental War, check out https://elemental-war.com.


After around six years of operating as Clockwork Origins the company now has been officially found in Germany by Daniel Bonrath and Sebastian Frenzel. Clockwork Origins already has a large history in Gothic mod development (e.g. Xeres’ Return, X in 1 Mod) and creation of open source software (e.g. clockUtils). We also developed the Gothic modification manager Spine, which is really successful in the Gothic modification scene. We also work on standalone games for some years now and with Elemental War the first one will be released 2018 in Steam Early Access.


Xeres’ Return is one of the biggest modifications released for Gothic 2. The development was officially started on January 5, 2005 by Daniel Bonrath, who found the Teutonic Team which is now Clockwork Origins. The mod provides more than 100 hours of fun during one run, five different primary guilds and nine secondary guilds with more than 400 interesting and varying quests. It contains many cool and unique features and still gets patches and updates of the (German) dubbing to complete it. Content updates with new quests are also possible in the future. It’s available for download via the Gothic modification manager Spine. It is available in German language, the English and Polish version are partially translated by hand while the rest is completed via an automatic translation using Spine and the DeepL translator.

Scripting and project lead was done by Daniel Bonrath. Sebastian Frenzel wrote many quests and part of the main story, composed the soundtrack and also worked on level design and the German dubbing. Over all the years there were more than 20 team members working on different parts of the modification.

Download is available via Spine.


Chess is a Gothic 2 modification. It’s a multiplayer only modification using the Spine multiplayer functionality and was released in German, English and Polish.
It was created by Daniel Bonrath. The chess figures were created by the World of Gothic user Klabautermann.

It can be downloaded via Spine.


Pimp is a Gothic 2 modification. It’s a strategy based modification. Four camps (humans, orcs, lizards and skeletons) fight against each other in an arena. There are several abilities and attributes to buy that allow different strategies. As a bonus, every 10 minutes there is a mini game the heroes of the team participate at. The winner gains a money bonus.

All game design and scripting was done by Daniel Bonrath. The modification is in alpha stage and needs some finetuning, balancing, bugfixing and some more mini games, but its release in German and Polish language was quite successful so far. English version will be released somewhen in the future.

Download is available via Spine.


Spine is a modification manager for Gothic 1 and 2. It has a huge database with most mods released for both games. It provides a huge feature set including one-click mod installation, automatic patching for Gothic, achievements, leaderbords and many more.
Spine was created by Daniel Bonrath, written in C++ and using Qt as GUI framework. It has more than 6.000 users and is completely translated into German, English and Polish language. Russian version is incomplete.

Spine can be downloaded at World of Gothic. An overview is available on our tools page.


At this day Daniel started to port the tower defense game Elemental War from the team’s own i6engine to the Unity engine. It was a huge step as many hours of work were spent for the development of the i6engine. But as Daniel was working alone on it for more than 2 years at this point and the progress on Elemental War was too slow because of its lack of many features, the engine switch was a good choice. Now there was much more time to be spent on the game itself instead of the engine and already after one month almost everything was ported and working again.


clockUtils is a lightweight C++ library collection for commonly needed tasks and is optimized for simplicity and speed. It was created by Daniel Bonrath and Michael Baer. It’s open source at GitHub and can be used by everyone. It was a nice experiment and some of the libraries, especially the socket module because of its simplicity and speed, are used in our internal tools and the great Gothic modification management tool Spine that was also created by Daniel Bonrath. The development of clockUtils currently pauses to focus on the game projects.


During a practical at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nuremberg Daniel Bonrath and Michael Baer started the work on the i6engine, an event driven realtime game engine written in modern C++. As prototype for the engine the arcade racer Tri6 was designed. After the practical the two students continued their work on the i6engine and added many features until its first public release on GitHub in June 2016. Since summer 2014 Daniel worked almost alone on the i6engine until he stopped development on it in January 2017 in favor to switch to Unity to faster progress with the tower defense game Elemental War.


The current main project of Clockwork Origins was originally released as a Gothic 2 modification. Version 1.0 contained 60 waves, five elements and many towers. Later also a multiplayer and other features were introduced.

All the scripting and game design was done by Daniel Bonrath, while sounds and music come from Sebastian Frenzel. Textures and models come from other modders as well.

Download is available via Spine.


JiBo is a Gothic 2 modification that introduces jump and run mechanics to the Gothic engine. It was extremly fun to create, but hard to play. There are several funny YouTube Let’s Plays for the modification, especially from Polish Gothic players.
The modification is named according to the two main developers Sebastian “Jim Hal Wilson” Frenzel, who did all the level design and music, and Daniel “Bonne” Bonrath, who was responsible for the scripting. They also had help of AmProsius for the textures and Zafiron for some models.

Download is available via Spine.


Left 4 Gothic is a Gothic 2 modification that adopts Left 4 Dead gameplay in Gothic 2. It’s a singleplayer modification with four playable characters while the three others are controlled by the AI. As in Left 4 Dead the world is overrun by infected people. Also boss monsters exist. The modification was released as early access and still isn’t finished, even though in the meantime the story was finished by the user Tyra and currently the level is in progress. Currently there’s only a German version that’s officially supported, but the final release will also be available in English and Polish on Spine.
Project lead and scripting is done by Daniel Bonrath.

The current alpha is available via Spine.


63 is a Gothic 2 modification. It consists of 63 waves of enemies in version 1.0 (60 in 1.1). Every wave consists of 10 enemies that grow stronger while the player has to kill them. Several classes and maps can be played.
Project lead and all the scripting was done by Daniel Bonrath, while he had help for sound and 3D work from other community members.

Download is available via Spine.


The X in 1 Mod is a Gothic 2 modification that combines several enhancement mods like the Dark Mage and Blood Night modification to one big modification. The development wasn’t that easy as all other teams allowed to use their mod for this combination, but scripts had to be decompiled and merged manually.
The modification itself was mainly created by Daniel Bonrath and is one of the most favorite enhancement mods for those that want much new content and not just small adjustments.

Download is available via Spine.


2005 the Gothic 2 modification team called Teutonic Team was officially found by Daniel Bonrath. It is the predecessor to the team now called Clockwork Origins, even though only Daniel Bonrath and Sebastian Frenzel are left as full team members for Clockwork Origins. The Teutonic Team has a large history of Gothic modifications and had more than 20 team members over the years. The base project of the team that was the reason to found the team and that was finally released in 2017 was the huge Gothic 2 modification Xeres’ Return.