Clockwork Origins is an independent game studio based in Erlangen, Germany, founded in 2018 by Daniel Bonrath and Sebastian Frenzel.

Get to know our creative minds here!

Daniel "Bonne" Bonrath
Founder, Programming, Project Management

Favorite Games
Gothic: fantastic atmosphere
Half Life 2: connected world, interesting and innovative gameplay

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Sebastian Frenzel
Founder, Game Design, Marketing

Favorite Games
Gothic series: My personal entry to the gaming industry with a great modding community.
Wizardry 8: Such an incredible role-playing experience with some of the best voice acting of any game I know. Played it over and over again.

Florian Kirmaier
Art Design

Favorite Games
Frostpunk: Amazing dystopian City-Builder full of tough moral choices, also has great atmosphere and a wonderful soundtrack
Ghost of Tsushima: Really enjoyed this game a lot, the open world feels super immersive and the visuals are stunning

Kosima Rothmund

Favorite games
Witcher III: breathtaking story, satirical treatment of social problems, endless fantastic quests and sense of freedom in the world
Assassin's Creed series: variety of stories, historical architecture
Hogwarts Legacy: complete, individual immersion in the world of Harry Potter, criticized for Joanne K. Rowling's trans-hostile attitude and inadequate classification of racism inherent in the game.


Freelancers & Partners

Paweł "MikeTM" Koszyk
Art Lead

Paweł Koszyk started working for Clockwork Origins in 2016, even before the official foundation in 2018. He was an important part of the successful development of all four previous Clockwork Origins games. While it started with just UI design and marketing assets, he now does all graphics-related work such as modeling, animation, shader creation, trailers, and level design for the games of Clockwork Origins.

Yellow King Productions
Music & Sound Design, Voice Acting

Multimedia agency Yellowking Productions has been working with Clockwork Origins since Tri6: Infinite in 2020. They oversee all sound design, soundtracks and voice acting.

Anja Fuchs
2D Design

Anja Fuchs is a freelance Graphic Designer and is responsible for additional 2D design and UI design. At Clockwork Origins we worked with her on the achievements of CyberTD and on the graphic design of the puzzle game Crime Mails.