Clockwork Origins is an independent game studio based in Erlangen, Germany, and found by Daniel Bonrath and Sebastian Frenzel. We develop games we love to play ourselves and tools to help people. On this page you see all team members. To see our freelancers, take a look on our Freelancer page.

Team foto with Sebastian AND Daniel
Daniel "Bonne" Bonrath
Founder, Programming, Game Design, Homepage, Support, Project Management, Marketing, Sound Design

Favorite Games
Gothic: fantastic atmosphere
Half Life 2: connected world, interesting and innovative gameplay

Clockwork Origins Projects
clockUtils, Cwizz, Elemental War, Red Skies: Ascension, Spine, Tri6, Tri6: Infinite

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Sebastian "Jim Hal Wilson" Frenzel
Founder, Music and Sound Design, Game Design, Storywriting, Marketing

Favorite Games
Gothic: rude setting, gripping story
Wizardry 8: best round-based combat system I know
Europa Universalis: responsible for too many wakeful nights

Clockwork Origins Projects
Elemental War, Red Skies: Ascension, Spine

Carsten Roosen
3D Design

Favorite Games
Gothic 2, Warcraft 3

Clockwork Origins Projects
Elemental War