Spine Tutorial – Getting started


This tutorial explains how to use Spine for development of your Gothic 1 & 2 modification. Other projects currently are not supported in developer mode.

Enabling development features

By default all development features of Spine are disabled. That has been done to make it possible for normal players to use Spine without getting confused by options they will never need.

To enable the development features, go to the settings, check the developer mode checkbox and restart Spine. Now you will see a new menu entry called “Developer” that contains a few development features.

Developer Mode

Either in the settings, via the menu or the shortcut Ctrl + D you can switch to developer mode and back to play mode again. In developer mode you get additional options when launching mods like script compilation, zSpy and so on and also the option to start the Spacer.

While in developer mode you will only see mods that are installed manually (ini file in the System folder). Everything downloaded from the database will be hidden.

As modding your Gothic installation will break compatibility with other mods you should use a different Gothic installation for your mod projects. Spine supports up to 10 modding locations you then can easily switch to via Ctrl + 0-9.