Spine Tutorial – Publishing on Spine


You have created a modification or patch for Gothic 1 or 2? You want to reach thousands of players via Spine? Then this tutorial will help you with the first steps on how to get your mod on Spine.

Requesting permission

To be able to publish a mod on Spine, you need the Spine client and a mod ID. The mod ID has to be manually created by me (Daniel “Bonne” Bonrath). So in order to get your mod on Spine, you first need to contact me. You can do this on Discord, via e-mail, private message @ World of Gothic or you post in the release thread @ World of Gothic. It helps to tell a little about your project, but usually you’ll get an answer within 24 hours (most of the time way faster).

The request should contain the

  • mod name (in all release languages if there are multiple ones)
  • the team if not known due to a previous release on Spine
  • your Spine user name (if you want to manage it yourself)

If you just want your mod to be added, but you don’t want to take care of uploading and managing your mod yourself, we also need some metadata. This includes:

  • release date
  • Gothic version
  • mod type (Total conversion, Enhancement, Patch, Tool, GMP)

Managing your mod

When your mod has been added to the database and you’ve been unlocked as team member, you can start managing your mod. Therefore the management menu exists at menu bar => Developer => Management.

When opening the dialog you see all the mods you have access to on the left side. Selecting a mod will allow to edit it and inspect some statistics.


The general settings contain the basic metadata displayed in the database. This contains the release date, the Gothic version and the mod type. For mods (total conversion or enhancement) you can also enter the duration of the mod. For patches this obviously doesn’t make sense.

With the Enabled checkbox you can release/unrelease the mod which will add/remove it to/from the database.

Mod files

In the Mod files tab you can upload new files and raise the version number. In order to trigger the automatic update of your mod you need to increase the version number. To add a file, click the +, to remove the selected click the -. When adding, select the file on your disk and enter the target path relative to the Gothic installation folder.

Via upload you can then upload your changes. This includes new and delted files and metadata changes (changed language).

The language possibilities are:

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • All

The All option will unlock this file for every language version while the others will only be accessible by the specified language.

User Management

If you want to test your mod on Spine with others and not directly release to the public, you can unlock users in the User Management tab. Every user in the right list will be able to download the mod from the database, everybody else (except team members) won’t be able to download it. So by selecting a user in one of the lists and clicking the arrows you can easily add/remove testers.


In the statistics tab you can see all statistics that have been collected for your modification.

The Downloads section contains the overall downloads over all your releases and the downloads per version.

The Player section shows the active players. The first entry shows the complete amount of (registered) players that played your mod via Spine. The other two entries show how many players played during the last 24 hours and the last 7 days, so they show the recent activity.

The Play Times statistics show the minimum, maximum, average and medium time your players played your mod. Additionally you can see the same stats for the sessions. A session is from one game start to the moment the game is shutdown. Short sessions for a bigger mod might be caused by some crash or other problems in the mod.

For mods that include achievements you will be able to see minimum, maximum, average and median time until the achievements have been unlocked.


In this tab you can configure the achievements of your mod and upload icons for them.

Read more about how to add achievements here.


In this tab you can configure leaderboards for your mod.

Read more about how to add scores here.

Custom Statistics

If your mod supports custom statistics, you can have a look into the results here.