Elemental War 0.9.10

Another two weeks have passed with a lot of progress on the multiplayer. Here are this version’s highlights.

Another two weeks have passed with a lot of progress on the multiplayer. Here are this version’s highlights.


Multiplayer is still on ongoing thing that will take some more weeks to be ready for release and also the editor didn’t make it into this update, but we have at least an update on their state.


This update contains some changes for two of the towers I personally tried to avoid most of the time because they were useless/too risky.
One is the Windrunner. It’s ability wasn’t really helpful as the rest of the tower was just very average. Now the tower has way more damage, but a shorter range. So now it makes more sense to move it to another place to help there if some monsters cause trouble.
The other one is the Hourglass tower. There was a bug that caused the negative effect being positive. That’s fixed now. Also the chance to get the negative effect (for the player) is slightly reduced now. It’s still a little tricky on Level 1, but feels better now.

Map Editor

The map editor and Workshop didn’t make it into 0.9.10, but we think it won’t be a problem to get them into 0.9.11. The editor is almost done, it’s basically saving of maps that’s missing and without even a previous version doesn’t make sense.


Again a lot of time was spent for the multiplayer and we have really great progress there. The basic synchronisation is finished and seems to be stable. Also on gameplay and balancing side a lot has already been fixed and improved. As the multiplayer will contain some progression system so you’re able to specialize your style a little we’re in the progress of adding skills to the game. While none of them are working yet, we decided to already give you the chance to have a look on them (text-wise, graphics aren’t done yet). So in the Profile there is a new sub menu called „Progress“ and in there you can see all skills you’ll be able to unlock.

Full changelog:


  • achievements now can be seen in the profile
  • progression system now is visible in profile
  • it’s possible now to also add multiple towers on the same shortcut


  • improved chances of Hourglass tower, so the chances for negative effects are smaller
  • increased damage of Hourglass tower
  • significantly increased damage of Windrunner, but reduced range a little instead


  • coming back from highscore menu to level select menu now shows the correct score
  • fixed a compatibility error with savegames
  • fixed another bug when loading a savegame from Classic Mode
  • fixed bug after loading savegame that caused player to not being able to upgrade/sell towers anymore
  • fixed bug where alliance flags have been overriden so always the same has been displayed
  • fixed bug when sending feedback from the main menu
  • making older ability of Hourglass tower now really reduces the HP
  • it’s not possible anymore to try to equip a fourth item to towers
  • mods are displayed correctly again

What’s next?

Of course in the next week we’ll make more progress in the multiplayer. It’s basically finished, but we need error handling, optimizations and even the map for the new mode isn’t done yet. Also all the skills you’ll be able to unlock have to be implemented, synchronized and tested.

Besides the multiplayer we’ll also finish the editor. As mentioned in the Highlights only a few things are missing. The biggest part is the saving of the map or better the translation from the UI presentation to the map format. Afterwards we want to add some validation steps. But that’s basically it.

If you have any other ideas, whishes, balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord.

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