Elemental War 2 1.0.5

Changelog for the first patch and outlook for patch number two.

Changelog for the first patch and outlook for patch number two.

You might have wondered what happened to the announced patch as besides the status update last week there was no further informations here. Well on Steam and PlayStation the update is live already since Friday/Sunday. I wanted to post this news once all platforms are released, but as Xbox and Stadia are a little slow and the second patch is also almost done, here is the news including the changelog and an outlook for the next update.

Update 1.0.6 fixes a few remaining issues, most of them are just small issues, but it also includes a fix for one quest on Oasis that doesn’t trigger and an issue loading savegames from the autosave on boss waves. Besides these fixes we’re also looking into the feedback we received so far and are already adding a few improvements like showing what score you need to unlock the medals for the maps. The next update is scheduled for Monday and I hope we get 1.0.5 out on the remaining platforms until then.



  • added a notification when coop partner leaves the game
  • added quick build option for towers by holding LB/L1 also on gamepad while playing a tower (on PC it’s left shift)
  • added button to submit a broken savegame for analysis


  • fixed even locked maps being playable right from the beginning
  • fixed continue button not appearing sometimes
  • fixed controller slot navigation in inventory also being visible when playing with mouse & keyboard
  • fixed some items not disabling properly when returning to the menu
  • fixed default/old values being visible for a short time opening the score statistics
  • fixed No tools! achievement only unlocking when returning to main menu before the run, not when restarting from ingame
  • fixed typo in Polish translation
  • fixed gamepad not working for drawing board
  • fixed scroll hint being displayed when switching from mouse to gamepad even though not applicable for the menu
  • increase maximum session duration in coop
  • enabled double speed for coop
  • fixed bloom, color and size of fossilize and laser beam
  • fixed specular map of Ogre
  • fixed fossilize effect having a visual glitch under certain circumstances
  • fixed graveyard not automatically unlocking when having played Ice Islands in demo/playtest already
  • fixed several potential errors that appeared in the log files
  • fixed Taxman being able to cause disconnect in coop
  • fixed Taxman causing too much traffic in coop
  • fixed several disconnect issues in coop mode
  • fixed some issues related to savegame loading in some edge cases
  • fixed Ritual Site related errors that could cause loading savegame to fail
  • fixed Deaf Djinn quest accidentially being available on Crystal Desert map
  • fixed Gold Fever quest calculating progress wrong
  • fixed an issue with Nutcracker quest collecting more than 5 nuts
  • fixed race condition that could cause finishing quests to break controls
  • fixed score achievements not properly unlocking when removing local data and loading own score from server
  • fixed the way resolution is changed which hopefully solves rare crashes
  • fixed building a second Rootweave tower in the range of an existing one causing problems
  • fixed monster 0 HP bug in coop
  • reduced chance to see network error e.g. when navigating through scoreboard
  • fixed touchpad (PS4/PS5) being able to cause weird behaviour in scoreboard
  • fixed Saw tower not being able to attack Ebony tree
  • fixed Hunter, Monster Hunter and Extinction trophy not upgrading their process
  • fixed loading bar jumping down in coop while waiting for coop partner

Any other feedback is appreciated as well, so feel free to contact us. And in the meantime, enjoy the game!

If you have questions, feedback or just want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

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