Elemental War 2 1.0.6

Changelog for the second patch.

Changelog for the second patch.

Here it is, the changelog for the second patch. The update is live on Steam, PlayStation and Stadia and hopefully also soon on Xbox and fixes the remaining reported issues (until lasst weekend) and adds some new requested functionality. That’s basically an info when the medals for the maps will unlock, the ability to use time controls also in the wheel menu and a scoreboard for the total score.

For the next update we want to add some more requested features. That includes a favorite system for tower building (so you can define favorites to quickly build them without going through the whole towers before the target), an item help page and a way to also display the upgrades of the towers in the tower help menu. There are a few more things and while working on that stuff we’re evaluating bigger feature requests like new game modes and more maps. Feel free to share your opinions on this or your own ideas either in the Steam forums or on our Discord.



  • added info to medals on what score they unlock
  • added option to use time controls also while wheel menu is open
  • added new scoreboard for total score across all maps


  • fixed action score exploit
  • fixed barricades always giving full gold back instead of adjusted price in case of price reduction
  • fixed path preview that could crash on special hardware configurations
  • fixed typo in English translation
  • fixed wrong icon for submit save button being displayed for gamepad
  • fixed report content prompt being visible sometimes even when not in highscore menu
  • fixed Saw tower not being able to attack Ebony tree
  • fixed loading a savegame from wave 80 allowing to surpass wave 80
  • fixed Buffer tower missing in help menu
  • fixed scarab quest not being triggered properly
  • fixed dancing rock on Trade port map
  • fixed slightly cut off shadows on High setting
  • fixed solving explorative quest disabling active normal quest
  • fixed barricades getting lost in savegames
  • fixed overlapping icon/text in info box in some configurations
  • fixed score and rank not being displayed properly when continueing a savegame
  • fixed current wave being skipped when continueing savegame
  • fixed no items dropping anymore continueing a savegame in the current session (without restarting the game)
  • fixed building element tower directly giving less action score than the manual way
  • fixed controller prompt for path preview ingame
  • fixed loading savegame sometimes hanging (especially autosaves are affected very often)
  • fixed updating scoreboard freezing the game for a while on Stadia
  • fixed calling wave not reducing active item cooldown
  • fixed tower attack speed boni not being relative
  • fixed Buffer tower not being affected by bonus damage
  • fixed bonus damage not being relative
  • fixed controller type not properly detected on Stadia when using it while in logo screen
  • fixed interactable level objects being a little hard to click using controller
  • slightly improved barricade building
  • fixed camera moving closing the wheel menu while left stick is used

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