Elemental War 2 1.0.8

Changelog for the new Elemental War 2 update 1.0.8.

Changelog for the new Elemental War 2 update 1.0.8.

Here we have another update for you. Again we fixed a few issues here and there. There are no new features this time as we work in parallel on the first bigger content update. That will introduce an endless mode and weekly challenges.

Endless mode as the name implies will just not end at wave 80 like the normal mode does. Instead you can continue playing as long as you can survive and get some more elements. Weekly challenges will be really challenges. We have a bunch of things that can be modified and each week you get a new challenge. Less lives, fixed element order, no items, no cooldown between waves and a lot more things are possible. Stay tuned, just played the first challenge this week to test that mode and it was pretty cool and super hard. One could actually say it was „challenging“.

Feel free to share your opinions on this or your own ideas either in the Steam forums or on our Discord.



  • replaced crystals in resource panel with current monster count


  • fixed double-click mode sometimes not being stored/restored on consoles
  • fixed score display not being reset when restarting the game
  • fixed text for Water option on Stadia Crowd Choice being empty
  • added logarithmic cap to Buffer to damage that can be used by Rootweave tower
  • fixed a few rare random issues
  • fixed generator on Trade port being attacked also by none-electricity towers
  • fixed generator on Trade port being being priorized for attacks instead of normal monsters
  • fixed favorite switch button not being hidden when closing wheel menu
  • fixed Shrine tower not always buffing other towers properly
  • fixed rank not being decreased anymore during session if dropping before previous player due to losing lives

If you have questions, feedback or just want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

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