Elemental War 2 Playtest weekend in December

There will be a playtest weekend for Elemental War 2 in December on Steam.

There will be a playtest weekend for Elemental War 2 in December on Steam.

As Elemental War 2 moves pretty fast towards completion we decided that it’s a good time to collect some feedback from externals as we’re still able to adjust the game. So we will have a playtest weekend on Steam.

When will the playtest be?

The playtest will take place from December 10th to December 13th.

Who can participate?

We use Steam’s playtest feature to realize this test. That means you need a Steam account and apply on the store page of Elemental War 2.

Depending on the amount of people who request access we might either give access to all of them or a random selection. This playtest version will most certainly only be available in English and German as localizations will be started this month and probably won’t be ready until the playtest starts.

What will be part of the playtest?

The playtest will support Windows, Linux and Mac as platforms via Steam. It will contain two of the maps of the final game in different biomes and a selection of a few quests and items for them.

The test will be singleplayer only. There will be a separate coop playtest somewhen in January. We will inform you about it once we have a final date for it.

What is the goal of the playtest?

We want to get some feedback on the game while still being able to change things. This includes obvious stuff like bugs and performance problems, but also gameplay you (don’t) like or quality of life features you are missing.

Let us know what you think either here or on our Discord. Also don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam.

If you have questions or want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

Read more about Elemental War 2.

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