Progress Report January 2023

Here we are in 2023 and we are back in action with our projects!

Here we are in 2023 and we are back in action with our projects!

This report covers CyberTD, Elemental War, Elemental War 2, Spine and Tri6: Infinite.

Biggest news first: We’re currently looking for two employees finally to help us with our projects. One for the actual development, especially Tri6: Arena then, one for marketing to better spread the word about or games. For this purpose we also will have an office in less than two weeks, so you need to live here in order to work with us.

For the general outlook for 2023 we’ll have another post later this month with the usual past and future content. January will be mostly organizing stuff for the office and trying to find our employees beides the game projects.

But now let’s come to the projects you already know about.


In December we spent a lot of time on polishing and the first 10 waves feel pretty good already, at least on one difficulty level. And we also fixed a lot of quality of life issues as well as graphic bugs and more.

Now in January we’ll continue polishing and balancing and will add the complete set of upgrade icons (a very big bunch of them already is finished). We’ll also prepare a first public test version as we want to start some playtest on Steam in February and also most certainly will be on a convention then to get some more player feedback.

After the upgrades we’ll next work on the bosses and then most content is in actually. Still quite some months left for some more content, optimization and polishing. Especially the balancing is really hard here.

Read more about CyberTD.

CyberTD @ PlayStation Store

Elemental War

In December we finished the Steam Deck testing from our side. There is a public Steam Deck branch on Steam if you want to try it out yourself. The update will go live together with the PS5 and Asian PS4 versions hopefully at the end of January. PS5 already passed cert as well as one of the two Asian PS4 packages the last one is still waiting for it’s slot to appear. So should be fine.

Besides that nothing more is planned for Elemental War in January. Of course we’ll keep an eye out for new maps to check. And I even created a short guide video on how to get the Man of Steel achievement:

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Check out Elemental War @ Microsoft Store (PC and Xbox)

Check out Elemental War @ PlayStation Store Europe

Check out Elemental War @ PlayStation Store America

Elemental War 2

In December we finished the Steam Deck version and also set up a public branch on Steam for it. The update will go live in January I guess (depends on how stressful the other topics will be like office, employees, CyberTD). Besides the Steam Deck adjustments the new update will also contain a few performance optimizations.

After that or actually on the side we’re working on something special that we can’t announce yet, but hopefully will be able soon.

Read more about Elemental War 2.

PlayStation Store

Microsoft Store

Humble Store


Still no time for Spine 1.44 and not sure how much time I can spend on it the next two months due to the office, employees and convention in February, but we’ll see. At least a small update might be feasible.

At least I was able to keep up mod updates/additions as requested which at this point is the most important thing.

If you still miss mods or have problems, feel free to leave a comment or join our Discord.

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Check out Spine User Votes.

Tri6: Infinite

In December we launched the Tri6: Infinite update 1.6.1 which contained a general small boost for the unlocks by adding some electrons for virus destructions, but mostly focused on the Steam Deck optimizations. The update also included finally a launch on PS4 in Asian regions.

This was the last planned update for Tri6: Infinite as we’re focussing now on CyberTD and then Tri6: Arena. But if we have an opportunity for another port or something like that, we’ll check out what’s possible then.

Together with this update we launched a free soundtrack DLC on Steam as well which you can download now in order to listen to our soundtrack.

Read more about Tri6: Infinite.

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Nintendo eShop

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ PlayStation Store

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Microsoft Store (PC and Xbox)

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Humble Store

Keep an eye on our homepage, Discord and Twitter, as we’ll provide more informations there when we have something to share. And of course also check out the next progress reports in the following months. You can also leave a comment here to share your opinions and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an important news.

If you missed our last progress report, you can find it here: Progress Report December 2022

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