Progress Report June 2021

Elemental War finally available on PlayStation and updated to 1.10, Spine got its 1.31 update and the new game announcement is close now.

Elemental War finally available on PlayStation and updated to 1.10, Spine got its 1.31 update and the new game announcement is close now.

This report covers Elemental War, Project X and Spine.

Elemental War

We finally released Elemental War on PlayStation and now it’s out on all platforms we aimed for. With that release and the update 1.10 for the PC and Xbox versions that brought the game to the same version as the PlayStation release we see the project as finished. Of course in case some important bugfix should be necessary we will still fix it, but I think it’s time to move on, 2 years after the release and almost 3 after the early access launch.

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Check out Elemental War @ Microsoft Store (PC and Xbox)

Check out Elemental War @ PlayStation Store Europe

Check out Elemental War @ PlayStation Store America

Check out Elemental War on Kartridge.

Project X

As you might have noticed there was no announcement yet. The visual side of the trailer is done (except for the logo) and currently music and sounds are done. Meanwhile the logo is designed and the game gets further polish. So we really hope to get it done this month. Everything looks good so far, so fingers crossed.

The polishing so far worked out pretty good. We could increase visual quality even a little more without performance loss. We tried the game out on Switch as well but so far we have extremly bad performance on there even on lowest resolution and quality settings. Next step will be to find out if we can find out why it runs so bad on Switch and also try it out on Xbox One. That will happen in June while preparing the announcement and Steam page and adding more content.


After the big 1.31 update for Spine in May we were very busy with our new game and so haven’t had so much progress. So far we just fixed a few issues with the uninstallation process and some server side things.

The 1.32 update which is planned to be released on June 11th won’t be big. I hope we can get a few small additional bugs fixed until then, but not sure we’ll find the time for that.

Our next big step still is to get the UI overhaul done and I’m optimistic we get done until the end of the year. A lot of things are to be done here, so it’s not just changing a few lines of code and it’s ready.

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If you missed our last progress report, you can find it here: Progress Report May 2021

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