Tri6: Infinite 0.3.2 (Alpha #3)

Alpha #3 is now available with new powerups, a lot of small improvements and jump fields!

Alpha #3 is now available with new powerups, a lot of small improvements, settings and jump fields!


The third alpha version is now available via our Discord. This time the changelog is way longer then for alpha #2. So lets have a look on the big points on the list.


Version 0.3.2 contains a few new powerups. The jump powerup is an active one an allows the player to jump. Active powerups require some energy to be used. The energy itself regenerates automatically again over time. As the jump functionality has been added, I also decided to add jump fields to the track. The current test version of them is like the speed and brake fields just a plane on the track and it is blue.

For splitscreen only there are two more powerups. One is the Mine powerup. It allows you to throw a mine into your driving direction that will then fall down and stay on the track. If someone drives into the mine it will explode and crash the player. It’s an active powerups, so it will also consume some energy.

The second one is a passive powerup, so after triggering it it will last a specified time. It is called Movement Inversion. If it’s not clear yet: it will flip the bike controls, so if you’re pressing right you will move left instead and vice versa!

All powerups are already available and can be unlocked with the electrons you collected while playing (or just contact me in Discord and I’ll give you some more for easier testing).


Besides the bike which is unlocked right from the beginning we plan to provide two more different vehicles for release. I already added them and tweaked their controls after the big vehicle control changes for update 0.3.1, but the current placeholders don’t work properly. So I decided to disable the unlocks for now. They’ll be added back into the game in a later update.


A big change and hopefully improvement are the different settings. So far you only could configure the language you’re playing in. Now it’s also possible to change your culture info (to decide what kind of separator you use for decimal numbers or thousands) and the volume you’re using for audio. For PC users there are also input settings (keyboard and gamepad including a way to switch the keyboard bindings and change the icons set for your controller) and some first general video settings (resolution, full screen mode and VSync). The next update will also get some advanced video settings to adjust the options a little more detailed.

What’s next?

The next update is planned to be released in around two weeks again. It shall contain some more powerups, the advanced video settings and some more adjustments. I’ll also play around with some first effects, so hopefully something will make it into the update. If I find enough time for it I’ll also add at least one of the missing vehicles back into the game. But that has probably to be delayed to 0.3.4 or later, we’ll see.

Full changelog


  • added Movement Inversion powerup (splitscreen only)
  • added Jump powerup
  • rank change in finish screen isn’t display anymore when rank didn’t change
  • added setting for culture info and representing numbers according to it now
  • improved Car controls/movement
  • improved Tank controls/movement
  • added functionality to disable competetive powerups for mobile version
  • some powerups now are only available in multiplayer
  • added Discord API to use Rich Presence in Discord client
  • added animation for coins at the end of the game
  • renamed Coins to Electrons as currency
  • added jump fields (blue)
  • added Mine powerup (splitscreen only)
  • added Kartridge API
  • added Steam API
  • added audio volume settings
  • added basic video settings for PC version
  • added input settings for PC version


  • Bike wheels now are visible in preview in configuration screen
  • fixed keyboard player being able to trigger powerups of player 2-4 in splitscreen mode
  • unlocking of Unlockables works now

To participate our alpha you need to join our Discord. There we have a section for Tri6: Infinite including the download link and channels for feedback and bug reports.

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