Tri6: Infinite 0.3.3 (Alpha #4)

The new Tri6: Infinite update brings new powerups and some first effects!

The new Tri6: Infinite update brings new powerups and some first effects!


The fourth alpha version is now available via our Discord. The new update contains some new powerups, small improvements here and there and some first effects. They are mostly work in progress, but make the whole visuals already more appealing than without.


Version 0.3.3 now contains all planned powerups. But if you have cool ideas, let us know and we might add more.

The new powerups are all together currently only for splitscreen mode. But while thinking of some background for the game itself I found a nice way to add them also to singleplayer and give them a sense in there. I’ll unlock them probably with the next update so you can already start experimenting with them.

But what are the new powerups? Well, let’s explain:

The first one is the Shock Wave powerup. As all new powerups it’s an active one, so you can use it multiple times until you collect a new active one. When triggering it it creates a shock wave around the pushes away all enemies. If you use it right you will be able to push your enemies into the obstacles to destroy them!

The second one is the Fake powerup. That one can be compared to the fake questionmark in Mario Kart.

The Missile powerup is the third one. It will automatically target the enemy closest to you when being fired and switch to another target if the old one is destroyed before the missile reaches it.

And the last one is the Bouncing Ball powerup. It’s pretty funny! You throw a glowing ball in front of you that will roll around, bounce on the walls and destroy the enemy it hits first (or your!).


With this update I started adding some first effects. It’s not perfect yet, but adds a lot and more effects and real graphics will come in the next weeks and months.

The new effects are for the shield powerup (currently called invincible powerup), the speed powerup (you will have nice cyber fire trails!) and for collision.

What’s next?

All content features I planned now are included in the game. So it’s time to test and polish everything. That means I’ll finetune the existing features, add more new and improve the existing effects and make a list with all the mean obstacles I’m going to add. Here also your ideas are welcome.

Full changelog


  • added Shock Wave powerup (splitscreen only)
  • added Fake Powerup powerup (splitscreen only)
  • added Missile powerup (splitscreen only)
  • added Bouncing Ball powerup (splitscreen only)
  • added some first shield effect
  • added speed trails while speed powerup is active
  • added smooth removal of bike when it shatters


  • added missing unlockable text for Mine powerup

To participate our alpha you need to join our Discord. There we have a section for Tri6: Infinite including the download link and channels for feedback and bug reports.

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