Tri6: Infinite Demo now on Spine &

The Tri6: Infinite Demo now is also available on Spine &!

The Tri6: Infinite Demo now is also available on Spine &!

As already mentioned in our news on Wednesday the Tri6: Infinite is now also available on our own launcher Spine as well as on Previously it was available on Steam as part of the Steam Game Festival.

Also as part of the Steam Game Festival we will have a Q&A session on our Discord. You can find the Steam event here:

Together with the demo we also have new gameplay for you:

If you haven’t heard about Tri6: infinite yet, you can find all informations on our homepage:

There you will also find some screenshots, features and more details.

The final version of Tri6: Infinite will be released in a month, on July 17th for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Android. Console versions (Xbox One, PS4 and Switch) as well as iOS will follow later this year!

If you’re interested now or have already been before, then wishlist the game on either Steam, or Kartridge, share our videos and homepage, follow us and help us to spread the word about Tri6: Infinite!

Read more about Tri6: Infinite.

Check out Tri6: Infinite on Kartridge.

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