i6engine  1.0
i6e::api::IDManager Class Reference

handles IDs for GameObjects More...

#include <D:/Projekte/i6engine/libs/i6engine-modules/include/i6engine/api/manager/IDManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 IDManager ()
 default contructor starts id's from a random value More...
void setBounds (const int64_t from, const int64_t to)
 sets start-ID and end-ID More...
int64_t getID ()
 get next ID More...
int64_t getID (const uint32_t amount)
 get multiple IDs More...

Detailed Description

handles IDs for GameObjects

Definition at line 38 of file IDManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

i6e::api::IDManager::IDManager ( )

default contructor starts id's from a random value

Member Function Documentation

int64_t i6e::api::IDManager::getID ( )

get next ID

the id that should be used for the next GameObject
int64_t i6e::api::IDManager::getID ( const uint32_t  amount)

get multiple IDs

[in]amountamount of requested IDs
an ID where the next amount-1 IDs are free as well
void i6e::api::IDManager::setBounds ( const int64_t  from,
const int64_t  to 

sets start-ID and end-ID

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