i6engine  1.0
i6e::modules::GraphicsNode Class Reference

Saves all graphics-related data associated with one GameObject. More...

#include <D:/Projekte/i6engine/libs/i6engine-modules/include/i6engine/modules/graphics/GraphicsNode.h>

Public Member Functions

Ogre::SceneNode * getSceneNode () const
 Gets SceneNode of the object. More...
void addTicker (MeshComponent *mesh)
void addTicker (MovableTextComponent *movableText)
void removeTicker (MeshComponent *mesh)
void removeTicker (MovableTextComponent *movableText)


class GraphicsManager
class MeshComponent

Detailed Description

Saves all graphics-related data associated with one GameObject.

Definition at line 61 of file GraphicsNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

void i6e::modules::GraphicsNode::addTicker ( MeshComponent mesh)
void i6e::modules::GraphicsNode::addTicker ( MovableTextComponent movableText)
Ogre::SceneNode* i6e::modules::GraphicsNode::getSceneNode ( ) const

Gets SceneNode of the object.

Gets SceneNode of the object

SceneNode of the object

Definition at line 72 of file GraphicsNode.h.

void i6e::modules::GraphicsNode::removeTicker ( MeshComponent mesh)
void i6e::modules::GraphicsNode::removeTicker ( MovableTextComponent movableText)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class GraphicsManager

Definition at line 62 of file GraphicsNode.h.

friend class MeshComponent

Definition at line 63 of file GraphicsNode.h.

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