Spine is modification management tool for Gothic and Gothic II – The Night of the Raven and has been developed by Daniel Bonrath of Clockwork Origins. It makes installing and playing modifications very easy and is available in German, English, Polish and partially also in Russian.

About Spine

Spine is meant to replace the old GothicStarter by making the whole process of installing and playing mods easier than ever before. Using Spine you only need one folder for each Gothic version (one for Gothic and one for Gothic II) and not multiple if you want to play e.g. multiplayer mods. Besides that it’s easily possible now to install graphic patches or the D3D11 renderer and just use it with mods that are compatible, just by checking a check box in your library.

For some newer modifications and of course also some we developed ourselves in our modding history you can see some new features. The most popular one are achievements. Below you can find a list of modifications using some Spine features.


  • Automatic patching of Gothic and Gothic II to the correct version
  • Installing mods and patches with just one click
  • Configuration of textures patches and tools for every mod
  • New features: achievements, scores/rankings, multiplayer features, statistics, friends
  • Just one mod starter for Gothic 1 and 2
  • News about mods and teams directly in Spine
  • Translation feature
    • Parse your scripts and upload the source and destination language to let people translate your mod
    • Unlock users to allow them to really translate
    • After translation is done, apply the translation to your scripts, compile, build subtitles and you have a version of the mod in the destination language

How to use Spine?

  1. Download Spine
  2. Install Spine
  3. Select the path to your Gothic 1/2 installation if not detected automatically
  4. Gothic is getting patched now
  5. Switch to the database and install the modifications you want to play
  6. Switch to the library and start the modification

Mods using Spine features

  • Dirty Swamp (Achievements) DE
  • Elemental War (Achievements, Scores) DE
  • Frohe Ostern 2007 (Achievements) DE
  • Gothic – Free Aiming (Achievements) DE|EN|PL
  • Gothic II – Atariar Edition (Achievements) DE|PL
  • Gothic II – Free Aiming (Achievements) DE|EN|PL
  • Gothic II Hardcore (Achievements) DE
  • Irrwichtel (Scores) DE|EN|PL
  • Jharkendar-Online Deathmatch (Account System) DE
  • Jharkendar-Online RP (Account System) DE
  • Left 4 Gothic (Achievements, Scores) DE
  • Odyssee (Achievements) DE|EN
  • Pimp (Achievements) DE|PL
  • Chess (Achievements, Scores, Multiplayer, Friends) DE|EN|PL
  • Sumpfscavenger (Achievements, Scores) DE|PL
  • VarusBikerEdition (Achievements) PL
  • Velen (Achievements) DE
  • Vergessen ist nicht vergangen (Achievements) DE|PL
  • Xeres’ Return (Achievements, Scores, Multiplayer, Statistics) DE|EN|PL


Spine @ Clockwork Origins

Spine @ World of Gothic

Scripts API @ Clockwork Origins


We have a list of tutorials on how to use Spine as a developer. Find all tutorials on the Spine Tutorials page.

Feedback & Contact

If you’re missing modifications or other functionality or find a bug, feel free to contact us via our Discord or in the forum @ World of Gothic.

If you want to help developing Spine itself or fix bugs, you can check out the open source project @ GitHub.