At Clockwork Origins we not only develop games, but also useful tools.

Spine is a modification manager for Gothic 1 and 2. It makes installation and updates of Gothic modifications much easier and has a huge library of modifications both for Gothic 1 and 2 in German, English and Polish language. The Russian modification list in Spine is not that big so far. It allows easy combination of several graphic patches with modifications without copying files manually or maintaining multiple Gothic installations. Spine also allows modders to use several new features like achievements, highscores and multiplayer.

Spine is written in C++ and uses the Qt framework for its graphical user interface.

Find more informations about Spine on our dedicated Spine page.

Recent News

Progress Report March 2021 March 1, 2021 -
The year continues to be pretty good for us with an Elemental War and Spine update, the Tri6: Infinite Switch release, updates on PlayStation progress and of course our new project.
Spine 1.28.0 February 12, 2021 -
The Spine February update with a few bugfixes and easier migration is out now.
Progress Report February 2021 February 1, 2021 -
After a good start into 2021 we want to share our progress from January and the plan for February.
Past and future 2021 January 18, 2021 -
2021 is here, so time to look back on 2020 and give a glance at the future of Clockwork Origins in 2021!
Spine 1.27.0 January 15, 2021 -
The first Spine update of the year brings new optimizations and bugfixes and some quality of life features for players and developers!