Progress Report March 2024

In February we were at the first convention of the year, released two new game updates and got a new student employee for marketing!

This report covers Crime Mails, CyberTD, Elemental War 2, HexaScape: Cyber Defense, Spine and Tri6: Infinite.

Throughout February we have been very busy again. As we participated in GG Bavaria we had to set up a demo for HexaScape, have a new student employee that supports us with our marketing efforts and submitted our funding application for Tri6: Arena.

In March we will finally update our homepage as it’s quite outdated now and also work on plenty of other stuff.

Crime Mails

In February the development of the new case made good progress and for those of you that have the proper tier the survey to give your opinion on some topics is already available. You can check out the latest update on the Kickstarter campaign on the Kickstarter page with some more info.

Read more about Crime Mails.


In February we launched a small patch for CyberTD to fix a few issues that got reported and we found since the 1.2.0 launch. Included bug fixes are for example for the cannon jump damage reduction which didn’t work properly, one of the new viruses being almost invincible for projectile weapons and more.

Since then I experimented with new features like targeting modes for the weapons. While it works, I’m not fully convinced the feature is really worth it yet. I will continue the experiments and maybe you have an opinion on it you want to share with us?

We aren’t sure what to do next for CyberTD. We have plenty of ideas, but would like to hear your opinions. What would YOU like to see most next? Join our Discord and share your thoughts with us.

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Elemental War 2

Sadly so far I had no time to investigate the reported crash. I hope I’ll find time for it in March so we get the issue solved as soon as possible.

As for all our projects we’re always interested in feedback. So if you have bugs or also ideas, always feel free to share them with us.

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HexaScape: Cyber Defense

You might already have noticed that we have a game title for our secret project now and maybe you even were at GG Bavaria in February to give the game already a try.

In February we integrated most of the remaining features and quickly set up a demo for GG Bavaria. We still lack plenty of graphics and general polish which will be the main goal for March. The feedback still was quite good I think, so I hope we’re on the right track here.

On the feature side we are missing only two bigger ones: the skill system for towers which I’m currently working on as well as the level editor to build custom maps. The custom maps of course will also be shareable with other players and as usual across all supported platforms.


As for the last months sadly still no news to announce 🙁

As last times, at least mod additions and updates keep flowing. Big thanks here to all the devs managing their releases/updates on their own or at least informing me, when something new is available!

If you still miss mods or have problems, feel free to leave a comment or join our Discord.

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Tri6: Infinite

In February we launched the new update that adjusts the engine sounds of Hyperion and disables the movement inversion power-up for bots.

Now we are waiting for the funding approval for Tri6: Arena and if we get it will start in April with its development (for the prototype).

Read more about Tri6: Infinite.

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Keep an eye on our homepage, Discord and Twitter, as we’ll provide more informations there when we have something to share. And of course also check out the next progress reports in the following months. You can also leave a comment here to share your opinions and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an important news.

If you missed our last progress report, you can find it here: Progress Report February 2024

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