CyberTD 1.2.1

The first CyberTD patch of the year is out now!

After the big content update for CyberTD in December we have a new update for you. This time it’s just a patch to solve some bugs that got reported or we stumbled upon ourselves.

This includes one achievement (Endless jumps) not unlocking properly as the upgrade was a little broken and the Modulator achievement unlocking too early. There are also a few other things here and there. Most annoying for me was that one of the three new viruses sometimes didn’t get hit by projectile weapons (so laser and arc emitter worked, all others often didn’t).

Next step for us to experiment a little with some ideas we have for the next content update. It’s too early to announce it as we don’t know yet if it will work out and be fun. And we also don’t have a date for it yet as we’re currently also very busy with other stuff.

If you have any ideas or wishes you want to see in CyberTD, feel free to share them with us. We’re always looking forward to your feedback in order to improve our games. 🙂

Full changelog


  • fixed cannon jump damage reduction not working properly
  • fixed special cases when picking certain upgrades
  • fixed Modulator achievement also unlocking when defeating Alpha Modulator
  • fixed deck screen jumping to first page when picking last card on last page
  • fixed some button sometimes overlapping some text
  • fixed fast switching of scoreboard view while it’s loading still showing some of the prompts for it
  • fixed one virus almost never getting hit by projectile weapons
  • fixed rounding issues on info screen
  • fixed some units causing issues on spawn on Mac
  • fixed defense drone gatling not working at all
  • fixed rare issue with achievements

If you have any ideas or wishes what you would like to see in CyberTD, join our Discord and chat with us there. 🙂

Check out the latest trailer

Have fun!

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