Announcing HexaScape: Cyber Defense! 🎉

Build your perfect defenses with hexagons! Use hex tiles to explore cyberspace, upgrade your defense towers, and complete quests in this unique turn-based strategy game.

Welcome back to cyberspace! Our next game HexaScape: Cyber Defense has just been announced – and it comes with a demo!

HexaScape: Cyber Defense is an addictive mix of hex grid puzzles and tower defense mechanics to create a compelling turn-based strategy game. So if you are a strategy player or a board game addict, this game is for you!

  • Board game-like mechanics: Feel instantly at home if you know board game classics like Carcassonne or The Settlers of Catan
  • Build unique towers: Place your towers wisely, buff them with power fields, upgrade them with new abilities and use skill points to customize them to your needs!
  • Explore cyberspace: Encounter six different biomes, many different events, and powerful virus bosses
  • Tell your own stories in cyberspace: Use the easy-to-use editor to create your own maps in no time!

Check out the gameplay trailer

Try the demo and wishlist on Steam

Learn more about HexaScape: Cyber Defense.

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