2 thoughts on “Apply for the closed beta of Elemental War!

  1. natan Reply

    hey guys how are you
    id like to get discount / participate in beta, testing whatever, i wanted to buy, but the price is relatively high for beta unknown game,, i love tower defense, so id like to try badly have a mac, i prefer write 1st cause many times in the past, i saw developers abandon the project, and buyers left with nothing,
    have a nice day, Natan

    • Daniel Bonrath Post authorReply

      Hey Natan,

      thanks for your interest in Elemental War. Actually the Steam version already has a discount. You can check it out here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/917850

      We’re not going to abandon the project and it’s already in a really good state and has tons of content, so it’s absolutely worth the money. Also we have planned an update every two weeks with fixes, improvements and new content. The new content will be for example:
      – more quests and items in Hero Mode
      – Side Quests for boosts in your current session
      – Abilities and Special Events in the different environments in Hero Mode
      – Community Features, especially the alliances that will allow to cooperate and compete with other players

      Best regards,

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