CyberTD 1.2.0 🎁

The second content update for CyberTD adds five new level-ups and 20 new upgrades as well as several other quality of life features! 🎁

The second CyberTD content update is now live introducing five new level-ups with 20 new upgrades. These upgrades allow new strategies you can figure out and introduce the new quest and shuffle mechanics.

  • Shuffle cards add additional cards to your deck for the run. Some of them are extremely powerful, while others have no effect at all. But even the latter ones can be used to your advantage when combined with other upgrades.
  • Quest cards usually are a set of upgrades that on completion (after picking all related ones) will trigger some bonus effect.

On top of these new upgrades we also have a bunch of bugfixes and other improvements here and there. For example it’s possible now to open the deck screen showing the current deck, you can copy your deck now to a new slot if you want to have a base for a new one and we improved the wording on a few of the upgrades. We also added three new enemy variations created by our new intern Florian and a little christmas easter egg as well. 🎅

Full changelog


  • score progress now is also displayed in coop mode
  • added new upgrades
  • added dpad horizontal navigation in weapon menu
  • added deck screen ingame to check remaining cards in deck
  • added tooltips for icons filter screen to find out which weapon, ability or status effect is referred to
  • improved wording on some upgrades
  • added three more enemy variations
  • added deck copy and clear option


  • fixed missile on tower not being visible in hub when missile launcher is preselected as weapon
  • fixed crosshair for controller not being visible when entering hub
  • fixed some frame rate dependent stuff
  • fixed Nanite Optimization and Nanite Repair not being stackable
  • fixed score preview sometimes being wrong when starting endless mode the first time for the biome/map/mode combination
  • fixed rare case where challenge result notification and cutscene could overlap
  • fixed EMP Bubble not being selectable in deck

If you have any ideas or wishes what you would like to see in CyberTD, join our Discord and chat with us there. 🙂

Check out the latest trailer

Have fun!

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