Elemental War 1.5.0

This month’s maintenance update Elemental War 1.5.0 improves controller support and adds some bugfixes.

This month’s maintenance update Elemental War 1.5.0 improves controller support and adds some bugfixes.

As you might know we’re currently porting Elemental War also to Xbox and PS4. These platforms of course require proper controller support. Even though Elemental War supports controllers since release and in some beta state even since Early Access, we found some things to improve again. A big problem was for example the speed of the simulated mouse cursor, especially on screens with a different resolution than 1920×1080. Also the menu navigation felt not perfect as it wasn’t possible to use the digipad and when navigating to the top bottom and try one up it was stuck and didn’t switch to the bottom most button. The latter two things were more or less just things we personally prefer, there are games that support it and others that don’t. But in our opinion it feels better nowand as the code for that was already prepared by our next game Tri6: Infinite it wasn’t a big deal anyway.

Another big topic is again performance. Even though we spent a lot of time to improve the performance, we found out that the CPU performance on consoles is pretty bad at the moment. For us that means a lot of additional work to optimize the game further. For the PC version that means that you will get better performance as well. Some small improvements are already part of 1.5, but we have to figure out how to solve the big problems now.

Full changelog


  • improved mouse simulation with controller
  • improved controller navigation in main menu
  • added digipad navigation to main menu
  • performance improvements


  • cursor now is hidden while game is started
  • fixed Steam rich presence
  • fixed progress display of monster hunter achievement
  • disabled tutorials in benchmark
  • adjusted buttons in profile menu (text length)
  • Pegasus doesn’t decrease speed anymore if it’s already higher than its effects
  • fixed opening of leaderboard using controller

If you have any balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord​.

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