Elemental War 1.7.3

Due to a bug report and our progress on the console versions we have a new Elemental War update with some fixes.

Due to a bug report and our progress on the console versions we have a new Elemental War update with some fixes.

The last update was quite a while ago and in the meantime we worked a lot on the console versions to finish them. As we got some critical bug report a few hours ago we decided to release another update before the official 1.8.0 release that contains already all fixes we did in the meantime. The critical fix is for an issue in all multiplayer modes when starting a second game in an existing session.

Full changelog


  • added hint how to scroll and show tooltips in menus with controller
  • added hint how to open element and tower menu with controller


  • fixed memory leaks for Healer and Sacrificer ability
  • Balrog doesn’t burn itself anymore
  • fixed savegames for certain environments in Hero Mode
  • fixed Death tower being too bright
  • fixed Stun tower being just white under certain circumstances
  • improved look for Black Hole teleport effect
  • fixed Black Hole projectile being invisible
  • improved Fire tower sound a little
  • fixed missing walk animation of some monsters after they have been stunned
  • fixed controller navigation in game settings, audio settings, leaderboards, alliance challenge menu and alliance help menu
  • fixed wait spinner never being removed when showing alliances to join
  • improved highlighting of currently selected leaderboard entry
  • fixed rank not being properly displayed when player is not on page 1
  • fixed wrong buttons being mentioned in camera tutorial when playing with PlayStation controller
  • fixed second coop/multiplayer session in a row not working properly anymore

If you have any balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord​.

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