Elemental War 2 1.1.4

Elemental War 2 1.1.4 is out now and introduces new fixes, (performance) optimizations and official Steam Deck support.

Elemental War 2 1.1.4 is out now and introduces new fixes, (performance) optimizations and official Steam Deck support.

Last year we started working on this new update to finally add official Steam Deck support. While that wasn’t too hard (it basically worked fine on Steam Deck already, but we optimized a few things for usability there) we decided to wait with release of the new update until the Switch port was done. That way we were able to integrate the performance optimizations (as far as possible, some fixes were more invasive and are only relevant on Switch anyway) into all other platforms as well.

Now it’s time to launch the update, even a few weeks before the Switch version will launch. You can find the full changelog below as usual. In general you can expect a few optimizations for Steam Deck, general performance improvements and also a few bugfixes here and there.

Feel free to share your opinions on this or your own ideas either in the Steam forums or on our Discord.



  • Steam Deck adjustments
  • made easy difficulty slightly easier


  • fixed dialog skip button being cut off on Steam Deck
  • fixed performance issue on Red Canyon
  • fixed drawing board cursor positioning for resolutions != 4k
  • slightly reduced CPU usage for AI pathfinding calculations
  • fixed cross platform toggle not being available on PS5
  • fixed minimap clicking jumping to wrong position
  • fixed water on city map being rendered twice
  • fixed rare issue causing towers loaded from a savegame being blue
  • fixed price display of barricades
  • fixed item menu not closing properly anymore opening it from ingame menu
  • fixed auto-generated default flag configuration not getting stored
  • fixed confirmation box when leaving/restarting game with controller

If you have questions, feedback or just want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

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