Tri6: Infinite 1.6.0

A new Tri6: Infinite patch is now available with some bugfixes and improvements to celebrate it expanding to new platforms.

A new Tri6: Infinite patch is now available with some bugfixes and improvements to celebrate it expanding to new platforms.

Today we release a new patch for Tri6: Infinite on all platforms. The update slightly improves the graphics quality by improving the post processing as well as texture quality (on most platforms). It also adds vibration support to all platforms and fixes several bugs all over the place.

As we mentioned the expansion to new platforms: Last week Tri6: Infinite already got released on Stadia as part of Stadia PRO. Starting today you get a native PlayStation 5 version that’s also available in Asian regions (PS4 version for Asia will follow soon). The Switch version will also be available in the rest of latin america now as well.

Full changelog


  • slightly improved post processing
  • added gamepad vibration on collision also on non-PS4 platforms


  • fixed game hang on PS4 opening PS overlay while starting the game
  • fixed ramp exploit
  • fixed rare issue where vehicle could clip through the sorrounding walls
  • fixed rare issue where colliding before next lap led to an empty track
  • fixed random network connection popups
  • fixed game not being paused when losing focus
  • fixed mute setting not being stored properly
  • fixed continue option not working when in settings menu after being in input settings sub menu
  • fixed B/Circle button not being selectable for button mapping
  • fixed controller movement controls only working when set to either left or right stick
  • fixed players 2-4 having wrong default color when joining
  • fixed one gamepad and keyboard not being able to play together properly
  • fixed controller disconnect not being hinted and game continueing to run
  • fixed render issue on 3 players splitscreen

If you want to try out the game first, you can download our free demo via Steam,, Google Play Store and in our own launcher Spine. Or the easiest way is to just play in in your browser at Stadia with no download, installation and account needed, free for 30 minutes.

Read more about Tri6: Infinite.

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