Tri6: Infinite now available on Stadia

Tri6: Infinite is now available on Stadia!

Tri6: Infinite is now available on Stadia!

Tri6: Infinite is available now on Stadia and free for Stadia PRO subscribers! Prepare for the race and beat the highscores in our fast paced cyberspace racing game.

If you don’t have a PRO subscription and aren’t sure yet, you can play it for free for 30 minutes to see if it’s something for you. You can do so even without a Stadia account. Just one click and you’re in the game. Check it out here:

The Stadia versions runs at 60fps in all resolutions and contains the same feature set as on all other platforms.

On top of that, also Elemental War 2 got a click 2 play trial on Stadia now. So you can play it for 60 minutes for free without download, installation or Stadia account and check it if it is a game for you and then buy it on whatever platform you prefer! Check it out here:

As we are working on the concept of Tri6: Arena, the successor to Tri6: Infinite, now is the perfect time to share your feedback. Best to do so via our Discord:

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Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Nintendo eShop

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ PlayStation Store

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Stadia

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Microsoft Store (PC and Xbox).

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Humble Store

Check out Tri6: Infinite @ Google Play Store

Check out Tri6: Infinite Demo @ Google Play Store

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