Elemental War 0.9.12

Here we go with another update. This is the last update before we finally release our multiplayer mode, so stay tuned!

Here we go with another update. This is the last update before we finally release our multiplayer mode, so stay tuned!


The mutliplayer seems stable so far and the editor and maps got some new features to allow even more creativity. And there are already 5 maps in the Workshop! Here are the details:

Maps and Editor

The mape editor got some now features during the past two weeks.
The first thing is that the editor now also supports T and X crossings for single paths. So now you can create all kind of maps that are supported by Elemental War.
Then we also removed the limitation that portals have to be at the edges of the map. So now you can place portals wherever you want. This allows even more creativity.
And last but not least the new Island setting introduced for the multiplayer and which could already be used in the editor now can be played when playing random maps. We also added the setting attribute and event for Hero Mode.


As mentioned above the multiplayer seems to be stable. The last fixes all have been just small fixes here and there, the critical main part is done. We’ll invest two more weeks into testing and fine tuning before we make some soft launch as I like to call it. That’s kind of an open beta. In four weeks there’ll be the final release. Of course we’ll still add bugfixes afterwards in case bugs are occuring.

Full changelog:


  • Important keys for editor usage are now directly displayed in the editor
  • maps now can contain portals that aren’t located at the edges
  • added hint that publishing map was successful
  • added event and attribute for Island setting in Hero Mode
  • random maps now can have Island setting
  • editor now supports T and X crossings for single paths


  • cooldown of teleporters increases way slower than before


  • highscores for Mods now are always displayed correctly
  • disabled chat for singleplayer
  • preview image for Workshop works properly now with multiple paths
  • fixed error when removing mods again
  • inventory button now is greyed out when disabled
  • removed mouse slices on shutdown
  • fixed bug when loading savegame of Classic Mode
  • while input field or dropdown is active, tile rotation/switching in editor now is disabled
  • fixed condition for “Invulnerable” achievement

What’s next?

Yeah, what can I tell you here what I haven’t sad before. We’ll test and fine tune the multiplayer in the upcoming two weeks, so you’ll get the best experience possible.

Together with the multiplayer update we’ll also reset the highscores. As the singleplayer balancing seems fine besides smaller adjustments here and there we think it’s the perfect time to make the reset. This will finally remove some scores that used former exploits to reach really, really high scores that aren’t reachable anymore.

If you have any other ideas, whishes, balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord.

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