Elemental War 0.9.16

Full release is coming closer and closer and we’re still in the process of improving Elemental War!

Full release is coming closer and closer and we’re still in the process of improving Elemental War!


With update 0.9.16 everything in-game can be used with controller now. Besides that we added menu music and the possibility to play multiplayer even without a Clockwork account.

Controller Support

With 0.9.16 it is possible now to play every game mode also with controller. This works pretty good. There is just one problem in combination with Steam that we’ll have to figure out.


The multiplayer got two improvements. First we added some tutorial infos there. This should help to understand what to do when playing the Clash Mode.
The other thing is that we added the possibility to play Clash Mode now also without a Clockwork account. That way we remove a barrier for newcomers, even though players without an account won’t get experience points and can’t buy skills and so will run into problems in the long term.

Full changelog


  • added menu music
  • added tutorial infos for multiplayer
  • improved highlighting of disabled skills when selecting them via controller
  • improved portal tutorial part
  • improved ingame controller support
  • it’s possible to speed up to 10 times
  • added rich presence for Steam
  • added more monster sounds
  • slightly improved performance
  • multiplayer now can also be played without a Clockwork account


  • Ok button for camera tooltip now is always properly displayed after fullfilling all conditions
  • disabled tutorials for multiplayer
  • Transform tower now can transform monsters again
  • leaderboard overlay now can be shown with controller using LB
  • leaderboard now can be opened with controller
  • disconnect message now isn’t displayed anymore when game was already finished
  • fixed controller navigation in level select menu
  • fixed small bug that could happen while building Root Nexus
  • Root Nexus now gets weaker again when building many of them
  • fixed some rare script errors
  • fixed conflict of quest for “Arcane Shield Generator” and tutorials
  • fixed error when finishing a game while monsters with Hydra ability are on the map
  • Volcano projectile collision now has a sound
  • fixed info boxes in main menu that could overwrite each other
  • fixed another problem loading a save from Class Mode
  • smoke of Smoke tower isn’t highlighted anymore
  • fixed bug in multiplayer that could cause the level to be loaded twice
  • fixed bug that caused item to disappear when dragging it to the wrong position
  • fixed bug that caused game to hang up when trying to play an alliance challenge
  • tooltips now are always properly removed when using controller
  • tower utilization is displayed again in info screen
  • fixed alliance invitations label being empty

What’s next?

The next version is going to also provide controller support for the map editor so we have full controller support then.

There are also more graphical improvements planned and ways to make certain things clearer by adding better tooltips or other labels.

We’re also going to add some more achievements soon, but we don’t know yet if this will happen in 0.9.17 or 0.9.18.

If you have any other ideas, whishes, balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord​.

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