Elemental War 1.1.0

The Elemental War co-op update is now available! With 1.1.0 you’re able to play Classic and Survival Mode together with up to three friends.

The Elemental War co-op update is now available! With 1.1.0 you’re able to play Classic and Survival Mode together with up to three friends. That was a feature that was requested by some players and now we’re able to release it.

These two modes mostly behave the same as in singleplayer including all singleplayer features like calling waves and controlling the time to speed up, slow down and pause. We just slightly adjusted the gold so you’re not lost due to the split resources.

You can have a look into the gameplay in our Let’s Play:

Full changelog


  • added co-op mode for Classic and Survial Mode for up to four players
  • added tooltips for setting events explaining what’s happening
  • setting event notifications now can be clicked to jump to the place of the event


  • Shrine now deals more damage when attacking cursed monsters
  • Shrine weakens monsters longer now on higher upgrades
  • increased mine limit
  • slightly increased damage of Ritual Site
  • Shadow Golem now stays longer on the map


  • reduced amount of updates of Taxman tower damage in multiplayer
  • ranks 9-12 now are displayed properly in the leaderboards
  • probably fixed graphics issue on some Linux systems with Radeon GPU
  • disabling grid for map now works again
  • if connection to a server can’t be established player isn’t asked anymore if he wants to leave the lobby
  • status mode now can be configured for Hourglass tower
  • fixed path wall display issue on Accordion map (mod)
  • fixed potential error with status changes after loading savegame
  • leaving and re-entering lobby works now
  • when entering the challenge menu directly from the news ticker and then going up to the alliance menu the flag now is updated properly
  • buffs of other towers now are respected by Root Nexus (e.g. Buffer)
  • disabled create challenge button for players without alliance
  • fixed Money tower sometimes not dealing damage
  • ones doesn’t get interest anymore in Classic Mode when already at wave 60
  • restarting a challenge without entering the main menu again now updates score properly so New Highscore message isn’t displayed after every run
  • reduced network traffic in some cases

What’s next?

We already mentioned parts in our monthly progress report, so the next big update will contain new maps. We’ll start a contest for this in around a month. We also will test and improve gamepad controls and some other stuff. There’ll also be some big announcement soon.

If you have any balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord.

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