Elemental War 2 1.1.0

Changelog for the new Elemental War 2 update 1.1.0 including new game mode and weekly challenges.

Changelog for the new Elemental War 2 update 1.1.0 including new game mode and weekly challenges.

It’s time for our big game mode update for Elemental War 2. It took a while due to some cert issues (as usual), but now we’re fine and here we go.

The two big features of the new update are the endless mode and the weekly challenges.

The endless mode is the same game as the normal mode until wave 80. But instead of ending there another elemental crystal will spawn. That way you can continue playing until you have no lives left and get new elements and items until you reach that point.

The weekly challenges are exactly what the name says: they change every week and are real challenges. You will get a specific game configuration and have a week to improve your score there to improve your overall challenge ranking. The game configuration contains obvious things like the map, game mode and difficulty, but also things you usually can’t influence, like your start lives, the start wave, whether the game can be paused or not and more. Every week will be a little different, so check it out.

Also check out the new What’s New video showing off the major changes:

Feel free to share your opinions on this or your own ideas either in the Steam forums or on our Discord.



  • added endless mode
  • added weekly challenges
  • navigating through tower help menu now skips entries that aren’t enabled with current filters
  • added game setting to enable auto-rotation of the minimap to match camera rotation
  • slightly changed behavior of Teleport towers: they now still work on wave 80, but each monster can only be teleported once


  • fixed left stick right icon for Xbox One controller
  • fixed tower description in help menu sometimes being cut off
  • fixed global rank achievements/trophies not unlocking properly
  • fixed game breaking when restarting run with active blockhead quest and blockhead quest is chosen as new quest again
  • fixed exploit selling tower and loading the game before sell animation is finished
  • fixed already completed quests being playable in coop again
  • fixed performance issue when building a new tower
  • fixed treasure chests staying on map restarting the game while they are on the map

If you have questions, feedback or just want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

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