Elemental War 2 1.1.7

Elemental War 2 gets its new christmas patch with a few new bugfixes and improved treasures on Witch Forest map!

Elemental War 2 gets its new christmas patch with a few new bugfixes and improved treasures on Witch Forest map!

We’re less than two weeks before christmas this year and as we stumbled upon a few bugs in Elemental War 2 we decided to release another patch as a little christmas gift for you.

The update makes it easier to find the earth piles for the treasure chest on Witch Forest map. They sometimes were really hard to find and I hope it’s at least a little easier now.

Then there is also performance bug where the grass got rendered twice (on all platforms except Switch). That’s also fixed now.

The remaining bugs affect the barricades (the memory allocated for their material didn’t get free’d anymore until going back to the main menu or restarting the game), the scarab quest didn’t work properly in coop and the summons of the demon lord’s ability did use the wrong HP values.

The update will go live now on all platforms. Merry christmas already everybody!

Feel free to share your opinions on this or your own ideas either in the Steam forums or on our Discord.



  • made treasure earth piles slightly easier to find on Witch Forest


  • fixed memory leak for barricades
  • fixed scarab for quest missing in coop mode
  • fixed HP of Demon Lord summoned monsters being calculated wrongly
  • fixed grass being rendered twice

If you have questions, feedback or just want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

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4 thoughts on “Elemental War 2 1.1.7

  1. Got this game today love it so far. Aside from 2-3 tutorial prompts in the beginning, I’m not getting them anymore. I figured out some stuff like what the element percentages mean on the towers and creatures. What’s the attack mode do. I see a little icon changing on the tower when I change the attack mode but I’m not sure what that does.

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for playing and glad you like it so far 🙂
      It’s true that some things aren’t explained that well or at all. The target modes are “closest to tower” and “closest to end portal”. Closest to tower is the default one (the one with the tower in the middle), closest to portal is the one which looks a little like a flamethrower.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello again. I thought I understood the elemental damages but wanted to make sure. When selecting creature, for example when I select the Crasc creature he has an element icon above him (lighting) which also shows on on the left side of the creature details where you can see element damage. The 200% shows elements nature and earth. 80% shows lightning. 50% shows air and water. Are the percentages supposed to be the damage level or their resistance to that element. I was assuming the higher percentage like 200% nature and earth in this case would mean those elements do the most damage? Hope to see another installment in this series.

    1. Hey,

      Yes, that’s correct. So Crasc has electricity element and that one gets 200% damage by nature and earth, 80% damage by electricity and 50% by air and water. Baseline is 100%, that’s the damage displayed on the tower. So 200% are twice that damage. So you understood it correctly 🙂

      Best regards,

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