Elemental War 2 status update

Quick status update regarding the first patch.

Quick status update regarding the first patch.

After the launch on Friday we received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, including several bug reports from minor stuff to disconnect issues in coop, crashes and more. We’re currently working on solving these issues and will provide a patch as soon as we’re done with it.

If you have encountered issues, please report them. In best case with as much informations as possible.

Currently fixed issues (most important ones only):

  • continue option (savegames) not always visible and working
  • gamepad for drawing board not working
  • Blood Sacrifice quest can break controls which requires a game restart
  • Taxman can cause disconnect issue in coop
  • Ritual Site can cause some bugs including loading savegame not working

Currently known issues without a fix (most important ones only)

  • a few more disconnect/savegame related issues that still need to be analyzed (some might be related to Rootweave tower)
  • crash when changing resolution(?)
  • crashes during gameplay
  • nut cracking quest might not work (not confirmed yet)
  • monster with 0 HP still running on the map in coop sometimes

Any other feedback is appreciated as well, so feel free to contact us. And in the meantime, enjoy the game!

If you have questions or want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

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