HexaScape: Cyber Defense 1.0.1

The 1.0.1 update fixes several bugs and improves balancing.

Hi everyone,

The first update for Hexascape fixes most of the known bugs and improves balancing.

Complete changelog


  • escape on exit game screen switches back to previous page now
  • improved difference between categories and normal entries in Hexapedia
  • reduced default volume of background music


  • fixed cases where malus display connecting two towers was displayed while not being true
  • fixed tower connectors being highlighted that shouldn’t be highlighted (e.g. when hovering an adjacent pipeline cluster also data block connectors on the tower got highlighted)
  • fixed display issue showing 4 re-rolls when loading a savegame
  • fixed usernames containing quotation marks not being properly displayed in leaderboards
  • fixed screen markers not being positioned properly on aspect ratios < 16:9
  • fixed scrollbar in Hexapedia overlapping some texts
  • fixed wrong buttons being displayed for tile rotation in controller settings
  • fixed opening Hexapedia while hovering a tower not opening the Towers page
  • fixed under certain circumstances tooltip being still open after undo/restart
  • fixed disabled state of spawners not being properly restored on undo/continue
  • fixed range of EMP ability not getting properly displayed
  • fixed EMP ability buffs for viruses driving through EMP spawners being too high
  • fixed snapping issue opening Hexapedia with context
  • fixed issue with Level effectiveness skills increasing damage way too much
  • fixed viruses still spawning when e.g. finishing a map with the goal to reach a certain wave
  • fixed target mode not getting restored on undo/load
  • fixed infested biome marking wrong slots with its infect on growth
  • fixed bug that sometimes caused tiles to be lying around at places they shouldn’t be when restarting/undoing

The next major update in late July will feature new game modes, new maps, and reworked tutorials.

If you find any bugs, encounter any problems, or have any suggestions for great additions to the game, let us know in the forums or on our Discord.

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