Map of the Week Contest & Dev Stream!

Exciting news! This week we start the weekly map contest for HexaScape & stream the game to create a map together with you!

The first days after the announcement of HexaScape: Cyber Defense have been exciting! We got some press coverage and a lot of valuable feedback from our demo players. Now we’re taking the next step by introducing two new formats: the Map of the Week competition and a regular Twitch dev stream!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the demo right now:

Map of the Week

In HexaScape: Cyber Defense, you can create your own maps and upload them for everyone. And we want to put your creations in the spotlight! Starting today, we will select the weekly map winner together with you.

How to submit your map

You can submit any map in our “hexascape-submit-your-map” Discord channel. All we need is the title of the map and the username of the creator (you can either nominate your own or other creators’ maps).

Any map created between Monday and Sunday is eligible. Maps created after Sunday will be part of next week’s contest. For the very first voting, we will even allow maps that were created before the start of the contest.

Vote for the Map of the Week

That’s simple. In the week after the submissions, all submitted maps will be presented in our Discord channel “hexascape-map-of-the-week“. All users will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite. And the map with the most votes wins!

Stand in the spotlight for a week

Eternal (one-week) fame for the map of the week! 🏆

  • Your map will take the top spot in the Best Rated Maps category for one week
  • The developers play your map on stream
  • Receive an entry into our Map of the Week Hall of Fame on our Discord server
This spot will be reserved for the Map of the Week.

Twitch Stream (in German)

Last week, our Game Designer Sebastian streamed for the first time ever. Watch him struggle and eventually even play the game here: Stream on Twitch (German)

That was fun! That’s why we will be streaming again this Thursday, May 2nd, at 15:00 CEST. In this stream, we will take a deep dive into the map editor, build a map together, and test it afterwards. And of course Sebastian will keep you up to date on the latest game improvements.

We encourage you to follow our Twitch account so that you can be notified as soon as the stream starts!

Check out the gameplay trailer

Try the demo and wishlist on Steam

Learn more about HexaScape: Cyber Defense.

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