CyberTD 1.0.1

As already announced in our What’s next post here is the first patch for CyberTD!

CyberTD 1.0.1 fixes almost all reported bugs including a disconnect issue in multiplayer, includes first balancing tweaks and more.

One disconnect bug during upgrade selection might still occur. We added a bunch of new logs to track it down. Whenever it happens for you it would be great if you could report us anything you notice around it and also in which biome it happened for you.

Full changelog


  • reduced size of save icon
  • added backspace as secondary key to delete savegames
  • backspace displayed on Mac to delete savegames instead of Delete
  • in case only second key is assigned for an action is designed that icon is displayed now
  • playing with keyboard only mouse now gets hidden after a while
  • nerfed Electron Extractor
  • improved deck readability on Steam Deck


  • fixed when being the only score (e.g. for new challenge) rank up icon never displays
  • fixed path layout missing from challenge description
  • fixed some ViKing ability takes being cut off
  • fixed ability ViKing having wrong face sometimes
  • fixed black text background on loading screen that’s never used
  • fixed lives not being displayed properly when playing with start lives mutator
  • fixed challenge rank when current score being same as score on last rank being displayed as rank 10000
  • fixed some exploitable builds
  • fixed level-up cards being slightly cut off on the sides on Steam Deck and similar aspect ratios
  • fixed disconnect in multiplayer when mobile launcher spawned its missile
  • fixed rare issue in virus biome cards not working as intended
  • fixed malicious cards showing wrong text
  • fixed Arc Emitter Overclocking not showing speed malus in stats
  • fixed weapons sometimes not firing anymore

What’s going to happen next?

We will continue working on bug reports as they occur (a few small things still are on our list) and of course the aforementioned disconnect bug.

And of course work on the first content update which is scheduled for early November and will introduce two new game modes for you to play already started.

  • Endless mode: Proceed after wave 100 and find out how long your build can survive. You won’t be able to choose new upgrades and the viruses will continue getting stronger and bring a few new abilities with them.
  • Strategy mode: Instead of all normal waves being random, you get predefined waves like in classic tower defense games, so you always know when which virus with which ability will spawn and can plan ahead.

If you have any ideas or wishes what you would like to see in CyberTD, join our Discord and chat with us there. πŸ™‚

Check out the latest trailer

Have fun!

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