CyberTD: What’s next?

The launch week of CyberTD is almost over. A lot of things happened as you can see in our recap directly after launch here:

What’s going to happen next?

Right now we’re working on the first patch for CyberTD to solve the few reported issues, and tweak balancing a little. It shall be released as soon as possible. As the multiplayer disconnect issue is more complex to debug we don’t have a concrete date yet though as we want to assure everything runs fine.

After that we’ll start working on the first content update which is scheduled for early November and will introduce two new game modes for you to play.

  • Endless mode: Proceed after wave 100 and find out how long your build can survive. You won’t be able to choose new upgrades and the viruses will continue getting stronger and bring a few new abilities with them.
  • Strategy mode: Instead of all normal waves being random, you get predefined waves like in classic tower defense games, so you always know when which virus with which ability will spawn and can plan ahead.

If you have any ideas or wishes what you would like to see in CyberTD, join our Discord and chat with us there. πŸ™‚

Check out the latest trailer

Have fun!

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