This release is just the beginning of your journey in cyberspace!

It feels so unreal: CyberTD is out now! We hope you get that “just one more round…” feeling like we do, that makes time fly by…

If you first want to take a look at the game, check out the extensive demo which already shows a lot of the gameplay. And then get ready for the epic high score battle and find the one strategy to rule them all 😉!

Twitch Streaming Contest

There’s a Twitch Streaming Contest running from now until October 1st, 12am. Your streamer needs your help to get the high score and win unique prizes! Here’s the full list of participants.

View High Scores

If you’re a streamer yourself – come and join us! It’s not too late. Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s going to happen next?

If you like the game, spread the word! As an indie developer, we’re totally dependent on your word-of-mouth. If you find any bugs, encounter any problems, or have any suggestions for great additions to the game, let us know on our Discord. Or you may find the answer in our FAQ.

This release is just the beginning! If you want more, we have many ideas for expanding the game and the universe, and we want to hear your ideas!

Check out the latest trailer

Have fun!

Read more about CyberTD.

CyberTD @ PlayStation Store

CyberTD @ Microsoft Store (PC & Xbox)

CyberTD @ Nintendo eShop Europe

CyberTD @ Nintendo eShop America

CyberTD @ Epic Store

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