CyberTD demo now available!

The CyberTD demo for Steam Next Fest is now available and features the first 30 waves of the game.

Be the first to have a look at CyberTD! For the Steam Next Fest starting on June 19th, we have prepared a huge demo of CyberTD that you can check out now.

The demo includes all the game mechanics, the first 30 waves of the game, and the first 10 level-ups, so you can really get a feel for the game and how addictive it is to build your own deck of upgrades. Just check it out. We would love to hear what you think!

Furthermore the demo already contains our singleplayer Twitch integration. With that your chat is able to vote for your upgrades and you can decide whether they shall be able to automatically pick them for you or if you want them to just be hints.

Steps to use:

  • start the game (obviously 🙂 )
  • navigate to Settings => Account
  • Register a new Clockwork account or log into your existing
  • Navigate to the Chat integration submenu in Account
  • Link your Twitch account to your Clockwork account
  • This will forward you to Twitch to log in and accept our token request
  • Then back in the game go to the Chat integration menu again
  • Connect to Twitch
  • Now the game will automatically run polls
  • You can configure whether the chat can pick votes or just give hints and in case they pick how long the poll shall run

You can download the demo now on the Steam page:

During Steam Next Fest, we will also be hosting two livestreams featuring the demo, game development insights, and more. The first stream will take place on June 19, 10pm CEST, the second one on June 25, 10pm CEST. Both streams will be hosted on Steam.

Don’t forget to give us your feedback, and if you like the demo, add CyberTD to your wishlist and help us spread the word. Thanks a lot. 🙂

Read more about CyberTD.

CyberTD @ PlayStation Store

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