Elemental War 1.0.5

A new update for Elemental War is now available and we have a bunch of new quality of life improvements and bug fixes again.

A new update for Elemental War is now available and we have a bunch of new quality of life improvements and bug fixes again.

The changes include improvements for the alliance and challenge system, some performance improvements and user wishes like a display of the element of the next wave and the possibility to drop items also on the physical tower instead of on the inventory slot of the tower.

We’re keeping up the updates and in September we will release a big one bringing co-op for Classic and Survival mode. That means you can play these two singleplayer modes on all maps including mods with your friends!

Full changelog


  • challenges now can be created and accepted by any alliance member
  • players for alliance invitation now can be filtered by name and activity in the last 30 days
  • alliance stats now are displayed in flag tooltip in the scoreboard
  • items now can also be dropped onto physical tower
  • element for next wave now is always displayed


  • adjusted modifier prices a little


  • fixed Superfood modifier causing game to not work properly anymore
  • accepting a challenge now properly decreased notification marker in alliance menu
  • updating of the damage type of a tower now also updated the tooltip properly when this tower is selected
  • reduced offset of tower overlay for Tornado tower
  • improved mouse simulation using controller
  • limit of 2 alliances per multiplayer challenge works now
  • alliance scoreboard now is also displayed in alliance menu when not in an alliance
  • entering join alliance menu the first time during a session now still shows alliance list
  • invitation label now is properly disabled when last alliance invitation is declined
  • while loading stuff in the alliance menus a loading spinner is displayed now
  • lobby isn’t removed anymore when a participant leaves it
  • buying a modifier now directly updates the available alliance gold
  • bonus/malus range handling for towers now is always relative to the current range instead of absolute
  • kills done via splash damage now directly update kill count in tower info screen
  • kills via status change now also count for the tower that caused it
  • fixed slots next to a path on the border of a map to being able to build on
  • too long map names now are displayed smaller in the level list
  • slightly improved performance of Money tower
  • improved performance and memory usage with multiple towers of the same kind
  • added some additional checks in case upload of a highscore doesn’t work properly
  • restarting game while monsters/towers are on the map now keeps loading screen alive until all monsters are removed
  • restarting game while monster with Resurrection ability is on the map doesn’t respawn Zombies for the new game
  • reduced CPU usage especially with many towers and monsters on the map
  • Tornado and death effect don’t spawn in the air anymore for flying enemies
  • experience progress bar after match should show correct progress now
  • added check when trying to leave a multiplayer lobby

If you have any balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord​.

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